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Protect your users for free during the coronavirus outbreak

Threat protection at no-cost for 60 days

For a limited time, use our advanced protection for free

Deploy to users working from home

Protect users at home from accessing phishing and ransomware

Get started quickly

Our DNS protection can be deployed easily across the company

Reduce load on VPN

Users are secured without the need for corporate firewall



No-cost threat protection during the crisis

Keep your company safe while your staff works from home

Roaming client applications

DNSFilter has roaming application support for Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems. The whole office can be protected from ransomware, phishing, and other forms of online threats - even while off network.

Our team is ready and willing to assist you with protecting your office during the coronavirus outbreak. We want your staff to be safe offline and online.

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This extended trial offer is for SMB and Enterprise organizations, consisting of 5 users or more, who are the end user of IT solutions. This offer is not valid for MSPs/ISPs/TSPs or resellers. This offer is for free protection from 12 March 2020 through 1 July 2020, regardless of signup date.

What are the terms of this offer?

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No. You'll get a free plan with Enterprise level features for 90 days.   If you decide to keep using DNSFilter during the trial period, you'll be able to purchase licenses to continue service.

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